Sensor Line offers a comprehensive range of original parts and accessories to facilitate the installation and increase the performance as well as to ensure a flawless functionality of the fiber optic traffic sensors.

SL MA-X10 - Electronic Interface with 1-3 channels

The MA-X10 interface operates a Sensor Line fiber optic road traffic sensor responding to changes of its optical transmittance and provides respective electrical output signals that can be retrieved by other devices for traffic data processing. The unit comprises a high power infrared LED transmitter, a PIN diode photodetector, and the optical transmission analysis electronic. All of our fiber optic road traffic sensors (like PUR, EZ, SPZ, SMS) can be directly connected to the MA-110. Also available: MA-210 and MA-310 for 2 and 3 sensors in parallel.

SL MD-220 - Electronic Interface

The SL MD-220 is a two-channel static opto-electronic interface for Sensor Line fiber optic road traffic sensors. Its purpose is to feed light into two sensors at a time, monitor the amount of light transmitted by them and detect small changes caused by pressure applied to the sensors. The interface can store the amount of light transmitted without any pressure applied for a virtually infinite time; the pressure can therefore be detected as long as it is on the sensors. All of our fiber optic road traffic sensors (like PUR, EZ, SPZ, SMS) can be directly connected to the SL MD-220.

SL PUR Slot Filler Material

Semi-rigid two component polyurethane slot filler material with good mechanical properties and low pouring viscosity. The PUR Slot Filler is designed as slot filler material for our PUR- (and PUR-B) Sensors in asphalt roads. The PUR Slot Filler does not contain any halogen- or heavy metal components. It complies with the RoHS (2002/95/EG) and electronic waste regulation WEEE (2002/96/EG directive of the EU).

SL Hanger Bar

Hanger Bars are re-usable installation tools for the installation of PUR- and PUR-B Sensors. The Hanger Bars ensure the right leveling of the sensor strip to the road surface and avoid floating (when they are screwed to the street or are loaded). The Hanger Bars are clipped on the sensor strip so that it can be positioned over the opening of the road at a distance of approximately every 25-30 cm.

SL Bolt Set

The Bolt Set is a road anchor for fixing frames into concrete and consists of a bolt, a washer and a snap ring. The snap ring has to be placed between the washer and the bolt head. The holes for the Bolt Set should have a 10 mm diameter and be at least 170 mm deep below the top of the frame.

SL Pocket Tape

Self-adhesive reinforced mastic membrane Pocket Tape with a peelable protective release film for traffic counter installations, for example 4 inch seal tape with center pocket.

Our Road Traffic Sensors

With its fiber optic technology, Sensor Line meets all requirements for modern traffic systems such as precise axle detection and cyclist counting.

Fiber Optic Road Traffic Sensors

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