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Sensor Line

Everything began in 1996 with the innovative idea of company founder Fred Motzko "to detect pressure by light" and the first use of fiber optic technology in traffic applications. The applications of this technology are diverse, in road traffic as well as in the rail traffic sector.

Worldwide in use

Over 50,000 systems have been successfully installed in about 50 countries worldwide since 1996. The progressive technological developments as well as the high quality and reliability of the products have made Sensor Line a global market leader in the field of fiber optic traffic sensors.

Unique technology

Sensor Line products impress on the one hand by their complex structure and on the other hand by the easy operation. In principle, the fiber optic traffic sensors consist of deformation sensors which generate a load-dependent output signal. This principle makes them absolutely immune to any kind of electromagnetic influences. The absence of mechanical components reduce maintenance to an absolute minimum. Sensor Line’s fiber optic traffic sensors have a very high accuracy and are outstandingly reliable.

Sensor Line Technology

Made in Germany

The team around Jürgen Dichtl (MD) consists of 10 specialists in the field of fiber optic sensor technology. They are working on Sensor Line products and applications and are developing future-oriented applications for the road and rail traffic sectors. Sensor Line has very high standards in the production process and continuously has been delivering high quality products to its customers in all parts of the world for over 20 years. The company's headquarters, development department and production facility are located under one roof in Schrobenhausen, Germany. From here, they provide fiber optic traffic products to the entire world.

Another milestone to bring Sensor Line products out to the world and increase the Sensor Line’s in-road sensors, strengthen the enforcement and tolling solutions is the acquistion by IRD of Sensor Line in 2021.


Explore the possibilities

Sensor Line fiber optic technology is as fascinating as it is simple. The technically advanced products are individually configurable and offer a wide range of applications in the areas of road traffic and rail traffic.

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Quarterhill was launched to fast-forward the transportation industry into a safer, smarter, and more digitally-connected future. Starting soon sensorline.de will transport you to Quarterhill.com

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