Road Traffic Monitoring

Sensor Line’s unique fiber optic technology, the complex structure of the traffic sensors and the modular expansion possibilities form the foundation of the company’s reliable measuring systems. Their sensors are used worldwide in various applications in road traffic.

Vehicle Volume

Detecting vehicle volumes is essential for all intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and traffic engineering analyses. The measurement of vehicle volumes and its composition (class, speed, occupancy, headway, gap, congestion) is also one of the basic functions of traffic management and highway planning. Sensor Line’s road traffic sensors ensure the highest possible quality in the correct detection and provision of vehicle volume data. The knowledge from the collected data is important for drawing up a reasonable transport policy for the movement of passengers and goods for both government and the private sectors (Public-Private-Partnership - PPP).
Road traffic sensors from Sensor Line can be used for many vehicle volume applications in several operational areas.

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Vehicle Speed & Speed Enforcement

Vehicle speed and speed enforcement is a desired traffic monitoring application and is getting more and more important. Because of an increased concern at monitoring and reporting of roadway performance, road operators are being asked to collect and report on where, how often, for how long, and to what extent roads are becoming congested. At the same time, safety and environmental studies are interested in the relative distribution of vehicle speeds, and the number and type of vehicles that are speeding.
The SL PUR and SL SPZ sensors from Sensor Line are ideally suited for single vehicle speed applications or the combination of several applications, like automatic classification of speeding vehicles.

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Vehicle Counting

Vehicle counting by axle detection is the simplest and most common measure of roadway use. Information and data of counted vehicles supports all major fields of road traffic monitoring such as Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Electronic Toll Collection (ETC), highway planning as well as traffic management and traffic engineering analyses. Sensor Line’s road traffic sensors with their unique fiber optic sensor technology, are the most accurate and reliable axle counting sensors on the market. The precise collection of vehicular characteristic data enables road operators to monitor and manage traffic flows in real time at minimum costs.
The different types of Sensor Line’s high performance sensors are designed for various traffic monitoring applications in several operational areas.

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Vehicle Classification

Automatic vehicle classification (AVC) is an integral part of all electronic toll collection (ETC) systems. The collection of traffic volume data according to vehicle classes differs from simple volume counting insofar as each vehicle is not only recognized as a vehicle, but is also classified into one of several defined categories.
Sensor Line offers long lasting and extremely reliable sensors for AVC applications in various operational areas such as stop-and-go Toll Plazas (ETC) and highway-speed Multi Lane Free Flow (MLFF) gentries.


Occupancy / Headway / Gap / Congestion Determination

The determination of traffic density is key to analyzing existing traffic routes and creating new traffic concepts. Most headway and gap information is collected and reported as part of special studies and capacity analysis for which short duration counts are highly suited. The results can provide important indicators before or during planning. Not only for the future dimensioning of roads and maintenance planning, but also for safety and economic reasons.
Sensor Line’s permanent traffic monitoring sensors are simple to install and as perfect for long duration counts as for short duration counts.

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Cyclist Counting

Modern cities’ approach to sustainable concepts of mobility call for innovative ideas. The detection of bicycles is an important move for shaping environmental improvements as well as planning the overall capacity and dealing with safety issues in urban traffic.
For the collection of specific bicycle (light weight vehicle) data Sensor Line offers the most sensitive bicycle detection sensor for various kinds of cyclists, scooters and innovative means of transportation.

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