Rail Traffic Applications

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Rail Traffic Applications

Sensor Line provides analysis systems with its unique fiber optic sensor technology for a variety of applications in the rail sector. The complex structure of the high-precision sensors ensures reliable measurements without electromagnetic interferences.

Vibration Analysis

Sensor Line offers a measurement application that is invulnerable to electromagnetic interferences and is perfect for identifying vibrations. The installation of the fiber optic rail traffic sensors between the rail and the sleeper ensures reliable and precise measurement. An analysis of the vibrations results in a reduction of maintenance costs.

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Flat Wheel Detection

Wheels of rail vehicles are exposed to extreme stress and high loads. Defects, such as flat patches, lead to increased noise and vibration and in consequence to higher maintenance costs. With the use of SENSOR LINEs fiber optic rail pad sensors, wear and tear can be detected immediately. The damage to rail vehicles and tracks as well as the increased risk of derailment due to wheel damage are reduced to a minimum.

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Track Bed Analysis

The stress as well as the condition of the gravel and trackbed are decisive factors for the durability, the availability and above all for the safety of the track systems. Damage to the track can lead to serious consequences. Sensor Line’s unique technology is able to measure the smallest changes in the indirect forces on the tracks, which result, for example, from one-sided loads. Long-term measurements are used to identify these damages at an early stage and can thus reduce all risks and investments.

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