Vehicle Classification Systems

With its fiber optic technology, Sensor Line meets all requirements for modern traffic systems. The highly flexible, high-performance classification system for road traffic exceeds all expectations.

SL Road System Basic

SL Road System Basic is an easy-to-configure vehicle classification system that has been designed to meet all requirements of an axle-based vehicle classification system. Flexibility, ease, and simplicity are the main design principles of SL-RS Basic.
SL-RS Basic comes with the industrial controller, including the SL Road Configuration Software, fiber optic axle detector interfaces, the loop detector, and the power supply unit.
A single controller can manage up to four lanes simultaneously. Vehicle class definitions can be optimized by the graphical-based system configuration tool. Various sensor configurations meet the classification requirements of the toll road operators.
Serial port and Ethernet port connections provide easy integration with the existing tolling and road management systems.



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