The Sensor Line team around Robert Rubner (CEO) with its 19 specialists in the field of fiber optic sensor technology is developing and producing future-oriented applications and products for the road traffic and rail traffic and will keep you updated about their news and events.

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Prestige project
at New York State Thruway

"New York State is making historic investments building a modern transportation network worthy of the 21st century and beyond," Governor Cuomo said. "By investing in technology like cashless tolling, we are creating a safer, greener and less congested Thruway system and ensuring our transportation infrastructure is capable of supporting New York's growing economy."
Sensor Line sensors will play an elemental role in this project, by ensuring the correct classification of approximately 267 million motorists that travel the superhighway each year. The confidence in fiber optic sensor technology and the decision to use Sensor Line sensors is proof that our products satisfy the highest standards of accuracy and reliability.
The cashless tolling project at New York State Thruway is a milestone for Sensor Line's mission in becoming the producer of the single best sensor technology and ITS and ETC sub-systems, for collecting and providing vehicular characteristic data with the highest possible accuracy and reliability for traffic monitoring applications.