The Sensor Line team around Robert Rubner (CEO) with its 19 specialists in the field of fiber optic sensor technology is developing and producing future-oriented applications and products for the road traffic and rail traffic and will keep you updated about their news and events.

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Sensor Line donates 8.000,00 €
to ELISA Family Aftercare in 2020

Sensor Line honors its long-term commitment to ELISA Family Aftercare by again donating 8.000,00 € in 2020.
ELISA supports ill children and their families after they have left hospital. The children are chronically or terminally ill, are prematurely born, have had an accident or developed cancer. Some of them are ill since birth, so ELISA accompanies them for many years. Their team consists of professional nurses and therapists with much empathy and experience.
With this year’s donation, Sensor Line contributes to the foundation of a mobile palliative care team.
If you would like to help as well, please go to