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Worldwide No. 1 in selling fiber optic sensors for road traffic applications

Our fiber optic road sensors
100% Vehicle detection rate - EMV immune and noise free - Visibility independent

Our fiber optic rail sensors
Easy installation - EMV immune and noise free - Vertical wheel load

Made in Germany
Competence Center for fiber optic sensor technology in Schrobenhausen

New York State Thruway project

We are very proud to be an important part of creating a safer, greener and less congested environment for all NYS commuters.

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Sensor Line's Donation in 2020

Sensor Line donates 8.000,00 € to ELISA Family Aftercare in 2020. The organisation helps chronically ill children and their families in their everyday life at home.

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What makes our rail sensor FORPS so unique...

is, among others, the easy installation, the immunity against any kind of electromagnetic interference, and our new electronic XD-1100.

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Prepared for the future

Sensor Line’s mission is to create the single best sensor technology and ITS and ETC sub-system for collecting and providing vehicular characteristic data with the highest possible accuracy and reliability for traffic monitoring applications.

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Sensor Lines unique fiber optic sensing technology allows us to offer the most accurate and reliable and thus most cost effective vehicle detection and classification sensor for traffic monitoring. The sensors are especially designed and particularly suitable for electronic toll collection (ETC) and intelligent transportation system (ITS).