The Sensor Line team around Robert Rubner (CEO) with its 19 specialists in the field of fiber optic sensor technology is developing and producing future-oriented applications and products for the road traffic and rail traffic and will keep you updated about their news and events.

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Sensor Line's Social Donation
to Elisa Family Aftercare over 8.000,00 Euro in 2019

After Sensor Line’s donation of 10.000 Euros from last year, the team of Elisa Family Aftercare could finally realise their long planned holiday weekend to Irmengardhof at Lake Chiemsee with all their little patients and families. Thanks to Sensor Line, all families were taken good care of by an accompanying doctor and children's nurses. Parents, siblings and the seriously ill children enjoyed the break from their everyday routine and had an exciting time at Lokschuppen Rosenheim, in the big LEGO room or with the horses and donkeys around the farm.
Thanks to Sensor Line’s recent donation of 8.000,00 Euro in 2019, Elisa Family Aftercare is able to offer another family weekend for their little patients at Pentecost next year.