The Sensor Line team around Robert Rubner (CEO) with its 19 specialists in the field of fiber optic sensor technology is developing and producing future-oriented applications and products for the road traffic and rail traffic and will keep you updated about their news and events.

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A very personal Sensor
for our retired employee Matthias

For many years, Matthias was the one who gave every SL PUR, EZ and EZR Sensor its shape. He operated the cast machine with marvellous precision and patience. The outcome were consistently high quality products, that our customers all over the world integrated into their intelligent transport systems.

By the end of June 2019, Matthias has left Sensor Line and started his well-deserved retirement. Instead of a golden watch as retirement gift, our employee Matthias got a golden SL PUR Sensor, signed by everyone in the Sensor Line team. Sensor Line owners Julia Knoll and Eva Dreier expressed their gratitude and wished Matthias well for a long, healthy and happy life in retirement.