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With its fiber optic technology, Sensor Line meets all requirements for modern traffic systems. The highly flexible, high-performance classification system for road traffic exceeds all expectations.

Classax LX

Sensor Line’s CLASSAX-LX is an automatic vehicle classification system with a TCP/XML interface to a host system. The CLASSAX-LX is based on a Linux embedded system and uses our proven method for recognizing vehicles. The basic principle of the CLASSAX-LX is to collect data with the same measuring equipment that is used for vehicle classification. The data are not simply collected and stored as they are acquired. CLASSAX-LX dynamically computes their averages and standard deviation values. These values are being stored and used for classification. Since the vehicles in most countries are different and therefore the vehicle classes can be different as well, a Teach-In is available. New in CLASSAX-LX is that the Teach-In process can be handled remotely. The file with Teach-In data can be created, downloaded and uploaded on any CLASSAX-LX using the remote access.

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