Sensor Line technology
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Road Traffic Applications

Sensor Line’s unique fiber optic technology, the complex structure of the traffic sensors and the modular expansion possibilities form the foundation of the company’s reliable measuring systems. Their sensors are used worldwide in various applications in road traffic.

Vehicle Classification

Accurate vehicle classification is an essential part of toll collection systems. The permanent and reliable delivery of data plays an important role for profitability. The use of Sensor Line fiber optic technology and the various modular adaptation possibilities of the system meet the requirements for dual tire detection and beyond. The benefit of Sensor Line’s vehicle classification system is the Teach-In mode, so vehicle classes can be created customer-specific for individual demands at toll stations all over the world. The long-lasting, maintenance-free technology ensures maximum efficiency.

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Speed Measurement

One possible application of the fiber optic sensor technology in road traffic is speed measurement. However, this is not about speed enforcement systems in the conventional sense. All road traffic applications that are more sophisticated than simple axle detection and axle counting make use of Speed Measurement as part of their measuring process. Sensor Line's traffic sensors are an excellent means for this due to their exact response to the wheels' pressure and their insensitivity to pavement deformations and vibrations.

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Road Traffic Counting

One of the basic requirements for modern traffic systems is the precise detection of axles. Sensor Line’s unique fiber optic sensor technology is one of the most accurate and long-lasting axle detection systems on the market. It is suitable for simple applications such as traffic counting as well as for complex requirements in toll systems.

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Headway Measurement

The determination of traffic density is key to analyzing existing traffic routes and creating new traffic concepts. With its fiber optic sensor technology, Sensor Line provides unique systems for capturing all relevant data. The results can provide important indicators before or during planning, not only for the future dimensioning of roads and maintenance planning, but also for safety and economic reasons.

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Cyclist Counting

The cities’ approach to modern concepts of mobility and the shift in modal split call for innovative ideas. Sensor Line offers flexible applications with its proven technology for the increasing number of bicycles and the necessary cycle paths so infrastructure can be adjusted to the future needs. The detection of bicycle tires is essential for planning the overall capacity, as well as for dealing with safety issues in road traffic.

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